About NEvada Crest Farms

We specialize in all areas of the wholesale CBD marketplace creating and offering over 30 different strains of premium clones, to premium, reliable and laboratory certified biomass, CBD oil derived from our seed to oil vertically integrated CEA facilities, smokeable CEA grown and redundantly tested flower, and brand name CEA and GMP compliant product manufacturing.

The team at Nevada Crest Farms and Nevada Crest Companies bring over 35 years of pharmaceutical and agriculture experience each and every day.  We are dedicated to our customer by creating a brand and a product which inspires our clients’ accomplishment, helps our fellow growers and consumers achieve their success and highest potential, and offers all our business partners a team participation that transcends all together in the growing industry, by limiting their risk of loss, while maximizing their success by them knowing that they are working with simply the best in the ever evolving cannabis and cannabidiol industry.

At Nevada Crest Farms and Companies, we understand that “success lives in the details at every level so our customers can grow simply the best!” Our story is only complete with our customers “winning”. Their success is our business. Our customers want to simply limit their risk and maximize their profits and success. We understand this and provide the means to these ends.

Nevada Crest Farms Hemp Seeds
  • Derived from Organically Cultivated Industrial Hemp

  • All Natural, Non-GMO

Our company has a strict non-GMO policy. We pride ourselves on using GMP (good manufacturing practices) in all of our facilities.

The Nevada Crest Farms Team

Heather Wilson - Nevada Crest Farms

Heather J. Wilson

CEO and Co-founder

Heather J. Wilson is the CEO and co-founder of Nevada Crest Farms, LLC. As a business leader, she has over 25 years experience in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical business including being the co-founder of East West Essentials and Optimal Cleanse, a California based nutraceutical and supplement company. 

As CEO of Nevada Crest Farms, Ms. Wilson’s philosophy is simple. “We are second to none in the Hemp and CBD business. To stay there, requires sacrifice, principles, and a burning desire to remain the best. We at Nevada Crest Farms pursue this every single day.” With over 160 acres of outdoor growing and over 100,000 square feet of indoor CEA controlled growing and manufacturing space which includes Nevada and Illinois, Wilson attributes her success to the “entire Nevada Crest team.”

Susan Lugo - Nevada Crest Farms

Susan Lugo

VP of West Coast Sales

Susan is our VP of Sales for Nevada Crest Farms. Susan, like the rest of our team at Nevada Crest, has a simple corporate ethos. “Our customers, big and small rely on our team. Leadership is required throughout the grow at Nevada Crest from Seed to Sale. For our customers, I understand this requirement and everyday I attempt to exceed their expectations and goals for our industry.”

Nick Stillian - Nevada Crest Farms

Nick Stillian

VP Finance and Accounting

Nick has over ten years of experience in the finance, inventory control, and accounting field. He lives in Pahrump, Nevada with his wife and three children. “I love numbers and inventory control, and I love Nevada Crest Farms” says Nick.

Andrew Weber - Nevada Crest Farms

Andrew Weber

Andrew Weber is of counsel and in charge of government relations and government affairs for Nevada Crest Farms. Andrew has extensive experience in the field of cannabidiol as well as working with federal state and local governments to ensure a seamless working relationship between the private and the public sector.


Director of Customer Service

Trina loves our Nevada Crest Farms customers, big and small. She enjoys her work at Nevada Crest and understands the importance of getting it done and getting it right the first time around. 


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