Wholesale Bulk Hemp Biomass (NCFHB) for CBD extraction or Smokeable Flower

Nevada Crest Farms offers it premium customers the opportunity to purchase Nevada Crest Farms Bulk Hemp Biomass (NCFHB) for CBD extraction or Smokeable Flower for Sale in the USA.

Currently in stock from our 2019-2020 grow cycle we have 7 different strains from our own CEA controlled indoor growth clone facilities. 

Nevada Crest Farms understands that attention to detail is a main factor in producing the highest quality Biomass for extractables and smokables. We limit our customers risk by simply providing to them the best. We find great pleasure by lining up our clients with high grade, certified industrial hemp with a CBD content of 10%-17% which smells and extracts “fresh off the farm.” 

Nevada Crest Farms works directly with farmers, labs, manufacturers and cooperatively with their registered agents. 

Nevada Crest Farms Hemp Plants

All applicants must be qualified for production capability, ability to produce purchase funds, and demonstrate the intent prior to any pricing discussions. 

Schedule a free meeting with our biomass expert and sales team so we can help you find the right plant, the right quantity, and the right price for your specific needs.


Call us on +1 (702) 848 3969 or click below to use our inquiry form

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