Wholesale Premium CBD Hemp Oil and Full-Spectrum Powder

We have the land, the water, the sun and the permits at our Nevada Crest Farms indoor CEA controlled indoor grow and outdoor growing space. We have become a national leader in Bulk “One liter/One kilo” sales of Premium CBD Hemp Oil. 

At Nevada Crest Farms we have consolidated sizes into orders that are sold exclusively in the 1 liter/1 kilogram (KG) unit size.  At Nevada Crest Farms, all our Premium Hemp oils and powders are simply priced by the amount of milligrams (mg) of CBD contained. 

Our oils and powders are sold as isolate, whole plant extract, and nano water soluble.

  • Derived from Organically Cultivated Industrial Hemp

  • All Natural, Non-GMO

  • 1 liter/1 kilogram (KG) unit size

Nevada Crest Farms Hemp CBD Extraction


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