Our Farm


Under the warmth of the Nevada sun, nestled between Mount Charleston and the Nopah Vista, is a place where science and nature, craft and innovation converge. Welcome to Nevada Crest Farms.

160 acres. 110 percent. 

From our 100,000 square feet of CEA-controlled hydroponics and greenhouse facilities to the fertile fields of our 160-acre, white-glove farm, you’ll find our dedicated team (including our CEO) tending every plant, every row by hand. Hand-picking the weeds. Hand-harvesting our award-winning flower. Hand-cutting and hand-shucking our full-spectrum biomass. All of it grown right here, exclusively from the clones we hand-cultivate.

This is what we mean by “white-glove” farming. It’s painstaking work, to be sure. But when it results in the finest hemp and CBD products in the world, harvest after harvest, year after year, we think it’s worth it.

The roots of our success … and yours:

Single-origin. Only products cloned, grown, harvested and extracted here, by us, earn the right to carry the Nevada Crest Farms name.

Science-forward. No matter how close to nature we may be, our cultivation and extraction processes are always guided by the most advanced research in the field.

Organically-grown. No GMOs, no pesticides, no herbicides, nothing Mother Nature wouldn’t approve of. (Even our proprietary nutrient formula is organic.)

Sustainably-raised. When it’s this good, they keep coming back for more. We keep it growing with drip irrigation, resource re-use, and the only licensed hydroponics operation in Nevada.