Our Story

Nature never compromises. Neither do we.

Nevada Crest Farms

Nevada Crest Farms is what happens when you refuse to settle for the way things are, and begin to change them into what you always knew they could be.

That’s what led our founder, Heather Wilson, on a mission to craft the finest, most effective CBD in the world. As a second-generation holistic health professional, she understood the enormous therapeutic potential of CBD to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety … and its potential to change the face of modern agriculture.

But too much of that opportunity was being lost due to the lack of reliable, consistently uncompromising sources. For Heather, the solution was clear:

Become the source.

That would mean more than just growing the hemp or extracting the CBD or manufacturing the products. It meant doing it all, and doing it better than it had ever been done before. So in 2018, backed by science, relentless commitment and over 35 years of nutraceutical and agricultural experience, Heather’s vision came to fruition in the form of Nevada Crest Farms. 

Today, we’re growing more than award-winning hemp. We’re growing an industry. With proven genetics that help farmers achieve premium, consistent, high-yielding harvests. With seven strains and six harvests a year, enabling wholesalers to meet the increasing demand for top-shelf, high-CBD hemp and full-spectrum biomass. And with rigorously-tested, small-batch CBD that finally provides discerning resellers, private label clients and top-selling brands with the source they’ve been waiting for.

Know what matters.

When something means this much to you, “good enough” never is. So the principles that drove Heather’s quest from the start continue to guide us to this day:

Quality first, last and always. It’s in everything we do, from genetics to white-glove farming, small-batch CO2 extraction, GMP-compliant manufacturing and rigorous testing at every phase. But it’s also in what we don’t do: GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, growing from seed, or out-sourcing. So we can always deliver products that our customers are as proud of as we are.

Keep every promise. Our customers are building their businesses on the strength of our products. So we owe it to them to deliver the quality, cannabinoid and terpene profiles their customers expect,on time, every time. Demand for top-shelf hemp and CBD products is only increasing. And we’re making sure the supply is there to meet it. 

Change things for the better. In the beginning, our sole focus was creating a better, more consistent, optimally effective CBD to help people feel and live better. But as that came to pass, we found ourselves in a position to help wholesalers, brands and fellow farmers grow their own businesses … so their people can live better, too.

Set a new standard. This is a young industry, full of uncertainty. The long-term growth and success of everyone in it will require bold, new standards of quality, accountability and purpose. So we promote best practices where they exist, and establish them where they don’t. Raising the bar … and lifting up our customers and our industry in the process.