Be known by the company you keep.

There’s a reason we only grow from the clones we cultivate, why we only extract CBD from hemp we’ve grown, and why we do the extraction and manufacturing ourselves, in our own GMP-compliant facilities. It’s the only way to know, without a doubt, that we’re producing the best of the best, every step of the way.

Now we’re offering that same peace of mind to brands. Nevada Crest Farms hemp and CBD can be everything from your secret ingredient to the whole package, with your label on it. There’s no end to the opportunities, but here are a few places to start:


Think of us as the hemp and CBD version of “Intel™ Inside”—an assurance of the quality, purity and potency of your product’s key ingredient(s) that further enhances your own brand’s prestige and your customer’s confidence in it. Ask us about licensing opportunities.

Private label

Our end-to-end, DNA-to-CBD capabilities enable us to not only custom-formulate and manufacture premium hemp and CBD products to your specifications, under your brand name, but also to ensure that superior level of quality at every phase, every time. Ask us about private label opportunities.

White label

Your brand + our formulations = everybody’s favorite CBD products. We’ve applied decades of nutraceuticals industry expertise to developing our own formulas for the most luxurious and effective CBD products available. All they need is your name on the label. Ask us about white label opportunities.

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