Green Dragon (Smalls) (Wholesale)
Green Dragon (Smalls) (Wholesale)

Green Dragon (Smalls) (Wholesale)

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The Green Dragon hemp flower is known for its high-CBD content and nearly zero THC levels. It promotes focus, concentration, and clarity, relieving you of unwanted mental clutters. By slowing down your respiration to calm your body, the Green Dragon helps you forget daily stressors and encourages the sense of well-being.

Our House flower is an ideal point of entry for those new to hemp and CBD, and those looking to explore various options without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect balance of quality, efficacy, and accessibility. Our growing process uses organic methods with no pesticides or unnatural chemicals.

Type: Indica

Scent: Initially a sweet citrus and berry scent that turns into a rich-soil earthy aroma

Cannabinoid Content: 11.410% CBDa & 0.194% Δ9-THC

Dominant Terpenes: 𝛽-Myrcene, 𝛽-Caryophyllene, 𝛼-Pinene, 𝛼-Humulene