Opus 1 (Smalls) (Wholesale)
Opus 1 (Smalls) (Wholesale)

Opus 1 (Smalls) (Wholesale)

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While the Opus 1 is known for its relatively low potency, the strain remains popular because of its wide range of benefits. This modest strain is ideal for those who may suffer from restlessness, nervousness, and unease. The Opus 1 flower is able to offer non-psychoactive relief without the unwanted side effect of drowsiness. Your muscles will tend to feel less tension and stress as the Opus 1 flower works to calm your body and mind. The earthy aroma of this strain gives it a smooth herbal taste.

Our House flower is an ideal point of entry for those new to hemp and CBD, and those looking to explore various options without breaking the bank. The perfect balance of quality, efficacy and accessibility, all of our House flower is grown using organic methods, with no pesticides or unnatural chemicals.

Type: Sativa

Scent: Mild notes of earth with a hint of citrus

Cannabinoid Content: 14.317% CBDa & < 0.024% Δ9-THC

Dominant Terpenes: 𝛽-Caryophyllene, 𝛽-Myrcene, 𝛼-Pinene, 𝛽-Ocimene