Hawaiian Haze (Popcorn Buds) (Wholesale)
Hawaiian Haze (Popcorn Buds) (Wholesale)

Hawaiian Haze (Popcorn Buds) (Wholesale)

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The fruity and tropical flavors of this unique strain bring back memories of the perfect island vacation. It brings about a heady sensation that takes away stressors and relaxes your body. This uplifting plant is a great companion for social events as it is commonly known to energize people. The Tropical Haze is great for daytime motivation and is best to enjoy earlier in the day to avoid interfering with your sleep cycle.

Perfect for budget-conscious CBD lovers, popcorn buds deliver the same potency as full flowers of the same strain. This is a great way for novices and enthusiasts alike to find new favorites by comparing a variety of strains in a sampling flight.

Type: Sativa

Scent: Sharp aroma of tropical and citrus fruits followed by subtle earthy floral notes

Cannabinoid Content: 13.401% CBDa & 0.201% Δ9-THC

Dominant Terpenes: 𝛽-Myrcene, 𝛽-Caryophyllene, 𝛼-Humulene, & 𝛼-Pinene