Sweetened (Smalls) (Wholesale)

Sweetened (Smalls) (Wholesale)

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The Sweetened strain is a favorite among daytime users because of its energizing properties. This sativa hybrid is known to promote wakefulness and help with concentration. It is also popularly used for medicinal purposes as it is said to help address inflammation and chronic pain. This natural energy booster is the perfect antidote to a lazy Sunday afternoon to pick up your mood and get you on the go.

Our House flower is an ideal point of entry for those new to hemp and CBD, and those looking to explore various options without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect balance of quality, efficacy, and accessibility. Our growing process uses organic methods with no pesticides or unnatural chemicals.

Type: Very slightly Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Scent: Earthy fragrance with the notes of cedar, lime, pineapple and berries

Cannabinoid Content: 16.2% CBDa & 0.258% Δ9-THC

Dominant Terpenes: 𝛽-Myrcene, 𝛽-Caryophyllene, & 𝛼-Ocimene